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timeline (last updated 9 May 2008)

Some of the dates were derived from The LPW Companion and the HP Lexicon, although we have revised and augmented them based on our own interpretations of canon (mixed in with the usual soupcon of wishful thinking). Completed fics are listed in bold type. The birthdates for Granger, Lupin, Sinistra, and Snape are linked to their astrological charts.

c. 1840 Albus Dumbledore born

1890 Peter Death Bredon Wimsey born
1892 Charles Parker born
1895 Mary Wimsey born

1900 Harriet Deborah Vane born

1914 Gerald, Viscount St. George born
1919 Winifred Denver born

c. 1928? "Like the Dew I Begot You"

1930 Charles Peter Parker born
1932 Mary Lucasta Parker born
1935 Wimsey-Vane marriage, 8 October
1936 Bredon Delagardie Peter Wimsey born
1937 Harriet Parker born
1938 Roger Wimsey born

1941 Paul Wimsey born

1950 death of Honoria Lucasta (Dowager Duchess of Denver)
1953 Mary Lucasta Parker graduates from Shrewsbury College, Oxford; marries Samuel Arbuthnot (son of Freddy and Rachel)
1956 Bredon Wimsey graduates from Magdalen College, Oxford, with degree in biology
1957 Harriet Parker elopes with a witch

1958, November - "Just So But Not Too Much"

1960 born: Severus Snape (9 January), Remus John Lupin (10 March)

1960 Michael Peter Parker born (son of Charles Peter, grandson of Charles and Mary)
1961 Bredon Wimsey marries Rosalind Herschel
1962 Paola Sinistra born in Sardinia on 7 January
1963 Lucasta (Lucy) Parker-Arbuthnot born (daughter of Mary Lucasta and Samuel)
1963 Stephen Delagardie Wimsey born (son of Bredon and Rosalind)
1967 death of Charles Parker

1970 death of Mary Parker; her daughter Harriet and her partner adopt a girl
1970 Bill Weasley born
1971 Snape and Lupin begin at Hogwarts
1972 Charlie Weasley born
1973 Sinistra begins at Hogwarts (Ravenclaw)
1974-1981 Stephen Delagardie Wimsey (Peter's grandson) attends Beauxbatons
1977 Fleur Delacour born
1978 Snape and Lupin leave Hogwarts
1979 Hermione Jane Granger born (19 September)

1980 born: Harry Potter, Draco Malfoy, et al.
1980 - 1987 Sinistra finishes seventh year at Hogwarts; attends Magdalen, Oxford, for two years as a Muggle, then returns to Italy and works at an observatory there
1981 born: Ginny Weasley, Luna Lovegood, et al.
1981 Snape begins teaching at Hogwarts
1982 death of Peter Wimsey

1987 Stephen Wimsey marries Anne Delacour (an older cousin of Fleur and Gabrielle); they return to England to be closer to his family (Harriet Wimsey in failing health)

1987 Sinistra appointed Astronomy professor at Hogwarts

1988 born: Phoebe Wimsey (Peter and Harriet's great-granddaughter, daughter of Stephen and Anne), Vane Parker (Charles and Mary's great-grandson, son of Michael)

?1988, summer? - Dumbledore - Sinistra fishing trip

1989 death of Harriet Wimsey

1993 born: Frederic and Fiona Wimsey (the twins; Phoebe's younger sibs)
1991-2 Hermione's first year at Hogwarts
1992-3 Luna's first year at Hogwarts
1993-4 Lupin's year as DADA professor at Hogwarts
1996 start of Second Wizarding War; start of Hermione's sixth year at Hogwarts

1996, fall - "Things Invisible to See" (not yet written)
1997, June - Snape kills Dumbledore

1997, June - "Perhaps Someday"
1997, June - "Twenty Random Facts About Paola Sinistra"

1997, summer - Weasley-Delacour wedding. Both sets of twins (Fred-George and Frederic-Fiona) create havoc.
1997 - Bredon Wimsey knighted for scientific achievement (herpetology)
1997, fall - start of what would have been Hermione's seventh year at Hogwarts
1997, around Michaelmas - start of volatile (to say the least) Harry/Draco affair
1997, two weeks later - start of secret Snape/Lupin relationship

1997, fall - "Coals of Fire"

1998 - defeat of Voldemort; end of War; Hermione returns to Hogwarts; Lupin and Snape reappointed to professorships of DADA and Potions
1999 - Hermione completes seventh year, leaving with Luna and Ginny
1999, July - "Appropriate Feeling" (Vane Parker)
1999 - Phoebe Wimsey (Gryffindor) and Vane Parker (Ravenclaw) enter Hogwarts

2002- Hermione and Paola encounter each other at Oxford and begin a relationship.

2003, summer - "To Taste" (Hermione & Ginny's flat)

2004 - Hermione named Pince's successor as Hogwarts librarian
2004 - Frederic and Fiona Wimsey enter Hogwarts (Gryffindor)

2005, October - "Lesson" (part 1)

2006, March - "Il s'enivrent"

2006, June - Phoebe Wimsey and Vane Parker leave Hogwarts

2006, June - "Flowers with Bridalls Well Agree"

2007, December - SS/RL/HG/PS holiday in Austria/Switzerland.

2008 - "Placet"

late 2008 or early 2009 - Twins stuff niffler in Ravenclaw harpsichord

2009 - "Slippage"
2009? - "Aimed"

2009, June - By Any Other Name

2009, August - "Skyclad, 3 a.m."

2009 - Bill and Luna's first son born; they choose Vane Parker and Severus Snape as his godparents

2010, September - "Oh Don't Deceive Me, Oh Never Leave Me"

2011, June - Fred and Fiona Wimsey leave Hogwarts

2011, July - Response and Responsibility

2011, August - "Lesson" (part 2)

early 2100s - death of Draco Malfoy
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