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09 May 2008 @ 12:12 pm
"Oh Don't Deceive Me, Oh Never Leave Me" (RL/SS) [September 2010]  
Title: Oh Don't Deceive Me, Oh Never Leave Me
Rating: G
Words: 400

When they sang "Early One Morning" late one night, the two first-years had merely intended to comfort a pretty ghost. Unfortunately, their duet plunged Teary Tess into a fit of sobbing loud enough to wake the dead. Which meant it was loud enough to rouse the head of their House.

"Insipid and in poor taste," Snape proclaimed, upon hearing their choice of song. "You will perform it in the Great Hall tomorrow morning."

As he stalked away, the other Slytherins who'd rushed to the room bestowed pitying looks upon the hapless pair. A burly fourth-year boy whispered, "Cor! I'd rather scour cauldrons for a month!"

"She requested the song," Isabel lamented. "How were we to know?"

One of the older girls put an arm around her. She said, not unkindly, "Some witches don't actually want their heartaches eased. Be glad you learned this now."

* * *

Back in Snape's quarters, Remus Lupin listened to Snape's account of the incident. When he heard Snape's verdict, he rolled his eyes. "Severus, really. Must the rest of us sit through 'Oh don't deceive me, oh never leave me'?"

"It will do you all good," Snape insisted, his expression bland. "Consider it an antidote to all that 'Love never dies' swill you Gryffindors enjoy gobbling up."

His expression equally bland, Lupin replied, "Treacle has its uses." Locking eyes with Snape, he added, "I've Transfigured it into mortar, caulk, and glue more times than I can count. It's easier to work with than vinegar."

His voice soft and low, Snape demanded, "Then why are you here?"

Lupin said, "I prefer vinegar. It's versatile and complex. Mixed with the right ingredients, it's beautifully volatile."

"I see." Snape manufactured a sneer. "You’re in the thrall of primitive chemistry. Gryffindor and their cheap, childish thrills--"

Lupin heard the tremble underneath the words. He yanked Snape into his arms, capturing the other man's lips with his own.

When they finally surfaced for air, he hissed into Snape's ear, "I have deceived you. I have left you. I have broken more vows than most men ever make. But I am now here, and you will not drive me away."

Snape buried his hands in Lupin's hair, claiming another long, deep, ferocious kiss. Afterwards, he whispered, "I will use you. I may forsake you. But I am yours no matter what."

"I know," Lupin murmured, and doused the lights.